I’ve recently started listening to The Book of Huey a few weeks ago; and I binge listened to season 1 before season 2 dropped. I have to say that as a young professional in the dating game that’s trying to maneuver around the chills and thrills of Love, Sex, Dating, Relationships and especially Fuckery, Huey Booker gets it.

The podcast says what we’re all thinking and provides light on the confusion that we didn’t know we had. It’s a must listen and what makes a Thursday night quite eventful.

As you listen throughout the show you’ll see the growth of Huey…for me Season 1, episode 5 is the peak of understanding how all of this gets put together – not to make sense, but to make you aware of your own existence in this place call life. You can hear it in his voice and if you listen carefully, you can hear your own lightbulb turn on as well.

Season two kicked off and it was like time had never passed. His guest Shanta VA Chick was funny, raw and the realist when it came to the topic at hand which only complements the facts Huey was already spitting. If you haven’t started listening, catch up. You might find out the book is actually about you too…



Christy Chukwu

Witty, insightful, and heartwarming!! I’m look forward to many more episodes. This podcast speaks to me as a single, black, twenty something trying to enjoy dating but coming up short. [5/5]- Erica Collins

Went to bed listening to this podcast, phone on the pillow next to me while I curled up in my comforter, smiling and laughing into the darkness. [5/5] – Rebecca Lee

Sometimes, you just want to hear a light hearted insight into dating. No ‘shoulds, or shouldn’ts’. Just a conversation between two folks with good rapport, with a cackle here and there, and jewel droppin’. [5/5] – Hope Marsh

Real talk… Real conversation… Forget the holding back and being afraid to be authentic. We can talk love, sex, relationships, and dating on a deeper level without feeling as though we’re being judged… No surface level stuff here…  [5/5] – Jeanine Cruz