Wide Open Woman

In last week’s episode, 2v3 Wide Open Woman, Huey interviewed poet, artist, author, and avid runner, the Sexy Poet herself, Viola Davies. She is passionate, sensual, and chooses to express these aspects of her personality through her poetry.

“I’m not huring anyone by being me.”

Writing brings Viola peace and explores her mission to demystify female sexuality through the framework she’s titled, Wide Open Woman. Wide Open Women are open, sexually-aware, sexually-aggressive, and are not afraid to embrace the truth about herself and what she wants for their sex lives, especially if they aren’t hurting others.

In addition to introducing us to her views on female sexual liberation, Viola talked about her struggles growing up fighting off male sexual advances as early as 10 years old. She fought hard to discover and accept her beauty for herself, eventually embracing the confidence she needed to grow into the Wide Open Woman she is today.

Along the way, she learned the power of communicating openly, directly, and purposefully which has helped her to live her life on her terms with confidence. Viola believes that transparency is key to holding any kind of significant relationship because it furthers her desire to live intentionally. More than anything, Viola feels that expressing love to others, is just as important as cultivating self-love, especially when living as a Wide Open Woman.

Do you know a Wide Open Woman? Are you a Wide Open Woman yourself? Tell us your stories on what being a Wide Open Woman means to you and how that can help you in your relationships.

Listen to Huey’s interview with Viola by clicking here. As always, be sure to leave us a review and comment on The Book of Huey Podcast Fan Page! We also have a discussion group that we invite you to join as well.

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