September 7, 2016

Love Isn’t EnoughEros

So, last week we talked about passionate, romantic love.  This week we’re going to talk about ludus, but I have a slight confession to make.  I kind of cheated.  Ludus is actually Latin and not Greek, but whatever.  It means “play, game, sport, training” and refers to the affection between children or young lovers.

While ludus is about passion, it more so encapsulates the idea of having fun with each other doing different activities.  It encompasses all the teasing and flirting that goes on in the early stages of a dating relationship.  It happens when you both are still testing out what it might be like to be together, falling in love and what not, but that’s where it all ends.  You see, in ludus, there is no commitment or responsibility involved.

Despite the slightly dangerous sensation that ludus can evoke when we vibe with someone new, it’s still all playful in nature.  For instance, one can experience ludus when simply sitting around laughing and joking with friends.  It’s the fun they all can have when they go out dancing together.  Actually, a fun night of dancing with strangers is the ultimate ludic activity and is a playful substitute for all that romantic shit anyway.

Ludus is what dating should be – light, free, and liberating.  One shouldn’t have to over think anything.  You try different things out, take an inventory of what works, and pay close attention to what doesn’t.  It is the true definition of no strings attached in that it’s all about having fun and exploring the possibilities of what could be.  If something doesn’t work you cut it, but there is always that chance of still maintaining a friendship without any hard feelings towards one another if things don’t work out.

Next Week: Philia

Author: Huey Booker

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Ostend Stuart.

8 thoughts on “Ludus”

  1. This is exactly what I’m talking about. It should be simple and liberating. We should be able to turn to this relationship for comfort and contentment. Nice work Vince!

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